First House In Astrology

The First House in astrological chart is commonly referred to as the House of Self. The cusp of the First House is the home of the Ascendant, the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the precise moment of one’s birth. By thinking of this in terms of sunrise and new beginnings, one begins to grasp the concepts of the First House. The new beginnings here are centered on the individual: the self and the attendant voyage of discovery that define a person. Who are you? What will you become? How do you realize your best self? The First House speaks to the realization of one’s ultimate potential. This process of becoming a unique individual is one of the greatest contributions we make to the world in which we live.
The distinct qualities that we possess are often referred to as ‘personality’. The First House addresses the individual and their comportment and approach to life. In other words, the sum total of one’s being. This is the package we give to the world. The packaging itself, or our outer being, is also governed by the First House — the physical body and the way in which we present ourselves and, in particular, the head and face.
The First House also rules early childhood. Everything from our earliest steps to our view of the emerging world is considered here. How will we develop? What is our view on life? It all begins at the beginning (the First House) and serves to shape us for all time.
In sum, the First House speaks to the person we are becoming and will become, both internally and externally. It addresses our personality and presentation to the world, our essential qualities, approach to life, demeanor and basic sensibilities. The inner self and outer body are what the First House is all about.

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Importance Of Vedic Houses

In Vedic astrology planets have their own importance and each house of horoscope also has its own meaning. So let us get some idea about the importance of vedic houses.
As there are 12 Vedic houses in horoscope. The meaning of each of them is as follows:-

1st house – General state and prosperity of the country, public health, common people.
2nd house – Stock exchange, banking related concerns, all money matters.
3rd house – Communication system, satellite, traffic, books.
4th house- All matters related to lands, hotels, agriculture, crops and other farm produce.
5th house – Affairs in stock exchanges, head of a business concerns, public investments.
6th house – Public health, armed forces, public and civil services.
7th house- Deals with foreign affairs and relations with others.
8th house – Death of national ruler, termination or succession of government, oil products.
9th house – Government law courts, insurance business, shipping and its related matters.
10th house – Ruling powers, royalty, political life of the nations, all upper classes in power.
11th house – Governments loans, exchanges bonds, stock exchanges.
12th house – It concerns with secret services, hospitals, strikes.

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Vedic Astrology

Some say astrology is an art; others call it a sacred science. But first of all, astrology is a language. It is a world of symbols that makes it possible to see and talk about all sorts of subtle characteristics in human personality and it also helps us to tackle the world business financial manner.
As these planets like sun, moon, Venus, mercury, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu also make an impact on our world finance. Indian Astrology is a science based upon the knowledge gained by ancient Indian sages and saints based on planetary influences. It had evolved long before the Western astronomers and astrologers were born. It has its roots steeped into the Vedas which date back to 1500 BC. They are the first saints in the world who guide us to make profits in business with the help of this great science.Now just take the little idea of how these planets play the role in financial astrology i.e. Vedic astrology.
• Sun- the king of planets: As the name suggest it having the power of authority, government work, whole stock exchange, ruler, and head of the nation.

• Moon-: Moon means mind & mind means your soul. The inner activities related to your business. All matters in public places.• Mars- mars give the determination, aggression, accidents, defense force, and the local police also.

• Mercury- it deals with communication matters. It also does impact on peoples mind like moon. Computer software, internet system, newspapers are his fields.

• Jupiter- it shows the luck part of human life or nation’s life. It mainly shows the financial matters of country and financial affairs with other country.

• Venus: The planet of luxury, stock exchange, and investment.

• Saturn- it mainly considered the evil part of any matters!! It also shows laborious part of nation. Coal part of nation, and natural resources.

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